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We raise our shepdogs in natural conditions of environment for 30 years.


In a park of 75 hectares in Ardeche, our sheepdogs preserve the characteristics of the race (morphology, characters), leading our 140 sheeps.


You will find in our mountain :


- An atypical and echological breeding, investing  in an environment rich in external stimuli in order to preserve our   sheepdogs's characteristics.


- A  breeding where pups are in permanent relation with their mother , and perfectly integrated in the fratrie (neither too turbulent, nor too timorous)


You can easily discover our dogs in our album : the small tibetan,(lhassa apso), the   smallest french sheepdog   (shepherd of the pyrenees)  the splendid   shepherd of brie,  and  the hungarian komondor.


 We are happy to introduce them to you in the following pages.


Micheline Guiot-Legatte


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